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 What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's awareness to into the present moment.

This is developed through the practice of meditation and other awareness techniques, that empower oneself to be more at ease with life in general.


The awareness academy (an Awakening Vajra Organisation) offers mindfulness workshops to reduce stress, anxiety and increase positivity, and fulfillment in the workplace.

These evidence based practices empower individuals to develop mastery over of their mind and emotions. The benefits include reduction of stress, anxiety, depression and help with overcoming addictive behaviors.

Other benefits include better physical health and well-being.

The process also helps us to feel more connected with ourselves and others.

A Tailor made solution:

The Awareness Academy offers Tailor made mindfulness programs (onsite or offsite) for your organizations specific needs. The founders of the organization have over 25 years’ experience, in the corporate and educational sectors.

These include the topics below:
1.       Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation.
2.       Understanding the Mind & Emotions.
3.       Embracing Impermanence & Change.
4.       Practicing Mindfulness (The 4 Mindfulness Practices).
5.       The Power of Compassion (The benefits for ourselves and others).

For more information, and to tailor make a course suitable fr your needs please contact Venerable Gyalten Sengye (Zac) on or call him on +64 21 724974