Courses, Events and Retreats


The Path of Transformation
Wednesday Nights (Ongoing)

Wednesday nights of self discovery, covering various topics of Buddhist Philosophy, Meditation and Understanding the Mind and Emotions in particular. A mixture of teachings, discussions and guided meditations. Open to all.

Saturday Morning Meditation
Weekly 11:00am to 12:30pm

Curious about meditation and interested in how the mind works? Why our emotions come and go? Would like to find some stability, inner peace and calm. Come and join us for Saturday morning meditation and discussion group. Open to all ages. Beginners or advanced.

4 Noble Truths Of Health & Happiness
Sept 2019, Sat 8th & Sun 9th

In this two day, ground breaking workshop, you will learn evidence based mindfulness and meditation techniques then combine exercise, nutrition and the latest lifestyle sciences (formulas) to help you on the path to transforming your health, happiness and well-being.


The Path of

Wednesday Nights — Kawai Purapura, Auckland


Vajra NZ

Awakening Vajra NZ is part of a global network of Tibetan Buddhist Centers (of the Gelug Tradition), founded by Geshe Gyalten Kunga, and Venerable Gyalten Sengye (Zac Parish), to honor the legacy, and vision of His Eminence Choden Rinpoche. AV NZ runs courses, events and retreats that are open to all, that help to open our Hearts to Love,Compassion and Wisdom. The centers aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals of all ages and cultures can come together and feel part of one family.


Our Teachers

Venerable Gyalten Sengye (Zac) is the resident teacher at Awakening Vajra NZ. We are blessed to have Geshe Gyalten Kunga visit and teach on an annual basis. His Eminence Choden Rinpoche’s reincarnation has been recognised by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and will hopefully soon visit New Zealand. Find out more about the legacy of our teachers, and the Legacy of Choden Rinpoche…


5 Branches
of Study

Awakening Vajra International is fulfilling the dreams of His Eminence Choden Rinpoche to teach and preserve the Five Branches of study from the Nalanda spiritual tradition of India. The traditional five branches of study include: Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation, Astrology and Feng Shui, Linguistics, Complimentary Healing (Yoga, Accupucture, Wellness), Art/Crafts and Sculpture.