Morning Meditation

11am to 12:30pm - Ongoing


Curious about meditation? How the mind works? Why our emotions come and go? Would like to get some stability, peace and calm throughout the roller coaster that life can be? Come and join us for Saturday morning meditation and discussion groups in our wonderful retreat center nestled in native bush in Albany. There will be a mix of meditation and discussions where you will learn simple yet profound meditation techniques that will help to open your mind and help to unlock your full potential.

Please see below for some of the types of Meditations at the center.

Open to all. Newcomers, beginners or advanced.

Kawai Purapura, Albany - Auckland

Cost: Koha (Donation)

Meditation Types

Heart Opening Practice (Metta Meditation):
This practice is very powerful in awakening the seeds of compassion from within. It helps us develop loving kindness & forgiveness for ourselves and others. This practice works to dissolve the ego, to let go of self-cherishing (that causes so much of our own suffering) and to create oneness with others.

Mantra Recitations & Breath Meditations

Start the day with Green Tara mantra recitation followed by, explanation and practice of Shamatha (Breath Meditation).

Green Tara practice has the power to help remove both outer and inner obstacles in lives, and is a powerful way to help remove obstacles, with setting good intentions and motivations for the weekend ahead.

This will be followed buy a part guided Shamatha mediation to help settle and calm the mind for the day.