4 Noble Truths of Health & Happiness

Sat 8th to Sun 9th Sept 2019
Free Intro Talk Friday 7th 7:30pm

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The Four Noble Truths of Health & Wellness
- With Dr. Patterson Stark & Buddhist Monk Venerable Gyalten Sengye -

In this two day, ground breaking workshop, you will learn evidence based mindfulness and meditation techniques then combine exercise, nutrition and the latest lifestyle sciences (formulas) to help you on the path to transforming your health, happiness and well-being.

The weekend will involve guided meditations, and mindfulness training combined with leading lifestyle medicine and nutritional advice and methods. There will be workgroups, discussions and teachings to support the evidence based practices on offer.

When understanding cause and effect, and how this effects not just some, but all areas of our lives we can start to bring about good habits and change management that not only reverse dis-ease, but replaces it with optimum health, wellness and abundance. You will also gain an understanding around how mental and emotional imbalances can occur.

Note: This is being organised by The Awareness Academy - For more information and for tickets please visit: