The Path Of Transformation - 7 Point Mind Training 

Sept/Oct/Nov - 10 Weeks

7:30pm to 9:00pm

(You can attend single sessions)

Cost: $7 per class


The Seven-Point Mind Training taught in Tibet by the great Indian master Atīśa (982- 1054), then first written down by Chekawa Yeshe Dorje (1101-1175), is probably the single most widely taught and practiced original Tibetan text in the whole of Tibetan Buddhism.

Focusing on the cultivation of ultimate and relative bodhicitta, it was a central practice of the ancient Kadampa Tradition and is embraced by all schools of Tibetan Buddhism today. In the most straightforward way, it helps us cut through our habitual, dualistic grasping and self-centeredness, and leads us to a realization of the essential nature of awareness and genuine altruism. (Ref. B. Allan Wallace)

The seven points are as follows:

1. The Preliminaries: Foundational Dharma.

2. The Main Practice: Cultivating Ultimate and Relative Bodhicitta.

3. Transforming Adversities into the Path of Awakening.

4. A Synthesized Practice for a Lifetime.

5.The Criteria for Having Trained the Mind.

6. The Pledges of the Mind Training.

7. The Practices of the Mind Training.

This course is open to all students, both new and more advanced.  Each session comprises of teaches, discussions and a short meditation.

Just arrive with an open mind and heart :)