Yoga Festival

February 2019
Thurs 21st to Sunday 24th


Saturday 23rd Feb: 

Session 1 (Time to be confirmed)

Shamatha (Breath Meditation) – Instruction & Practice :
This ancient, yet profoundly simple mediation helps to stabilize the mind, calm he nervous system, and to reduce anxiety. This practice also helps develop skills to be more focused and attentive in our lives. Open to all.

Session 2 (Time to be confirmed)

Green Tara Practice (The Buddha to remove obstacles)

Has the power to help remove both outer and inner obstacles in lives. These main ones being the eight fears that come from ignorance, attachment, anger, pride, jealousy, miserliness, doubt and wrong views. The main causes of suffering being disturbing thoughts.

Sunday 24th Feb: 

Session 1 (Time to be confirmed)

Heart Opening Practice (Metta Meditation):
This practice is very powerful in awakening the seeds of compassion from within. It helps us develop loving kindness & forgiveness for ourselves and others. This practice works to dissolve the ego, to let go of self-cherishing (that causes so much of our own suffering) and to create oneness with others.

Session 2 (Time to be confirmed)

Introduction to Tibetan Buddhist Tantra (Deity Yoga):
In this fascinating workshop you will get to learn about Deity Yoga, a practice of Vajrayana (Tantric) Buddhism and how and why it’s used to awaken our true and innate nature from within. Deity yoga is what separates Buddhist Tantra practice from the practice of other Buddhist schools.